1. Applicants requesting to publish an article must apply via the website and attach the following evidences:
1.1 Attach the article submission form (Download the form at the website or click here)
1.2 Attach the original article (The author must format the format as specified by the journal. to be neat and correct)
2. The officer checks the evidence of the application. and check the articles according to the format of the Education Journal Maha Sarakham Rajabhat University
3. The author of the article checks the approval to pay the fee through the management system of the Education Journal. If the status says "Waiting for payment" allows the author of the article to complete the payment and download the payment form. Attach the transfer confirmation slip in the payment form and complete the information. Then submit the payment form via the E-Journal of Education RMU system.
4. The person who posted the article to modify the format within 1 month, if it is more than 1 month, the journal department will disqualify from posting the article.
5. In the event that the person who has applied for the article has not submitted the article or lack of contact for more than 1 month, the Journal Department will disqualify from posting articles.
6. Journalism department submits articles to experts for evaluation. It takes about 1 month. The article will inform the evaluation results. let the author of the article know
7. The person who posted the article amended according to the recommendation of the assessor. It will be slow or fast depending on the process of the person who posted the article.
7.1 In case the assessor requests to see the amendment again, it must be sent to the assessor again.
7.2 In the event that an appraiser does not allow entry, a new appraiser must be sent.
8. In the event that the application for writing articles does not proceed according to items 1-7, the Journal Department will not refund the money.
9. In the case of an article for graduation Students must pass 5 chapters first (Documentary/Thesis).
10. References in an article, in the case of a thesis, dissertation, journal, research, website, must not exceed 5 years.
11. The article author must follow the process and method of preparing the education journal. Maha Sarakham Rajabhat University Otherwise, the journal has the right to cancel the posting of articles.