Phraparittara in Buddhism

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Phramaha keerati Warakitti
PhraPissanupon Suwannarupo


        Phraparittara is a mantra for protection from obstacles and dangers. Traditionally, Phraparittara comes from the scriptures of the Tipitaka, and the
ancient teachers had divided into two types as follows; 1) Jularajaparittara (7legends), that consists with 7 Phraparittara, and 2) Mahaparittara (12
legends) that consists with 12Phraparittara. However, the form of Phraparittarachanting has been divided into two purposes in order to maintain
the discipline and to protect from any harm and obstacles. The chanting of Phaparittaraconsists of three parts: 1)The prayers must concentrate the mind
not for a fortune to pay homage.2) The prayers need to pray in correct way without distorting, and3)The prayers must know and understand the meaning
of the chapters that are unequivocally recited. There are two major benefits of chanting that are the present benefits and the future benefits. There are values
of Phraparittara chanting such as social value, religious value, ritual value and spiritual value as well.


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