An Analytic Study Of Principle Of Five Precepts In Health Care

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Jirawan prodbumrung


                The aims of this research were 1) to study the concept and theory of five precepts, 2) to study the conditions related to health problems of Thai people and 3) to analytically study the concepts and theory of five precepts in health care. This documentary research was carried out through data collecting from primary and secondary resources. The obtained data  were analyzed by descriptive analysis method according to the inductive principle.
           The research results revealed that the concept of five precepts is the basic principle of living in goodness. It is the regulation in practices of 1) refraining from killing, 2) refraining from stealing, 3) refraining from sexual misconduct, 4) refraining  fromtelling a lie and 5) refraining from intoxicating drink or drugs. Following these practices causes calmness in body, speech and mind because it does not harm oneself and the others.
           The study of health problems of Thai people pointed out that the common health problems included diabetes, high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, cancer and illnesses from traffic accidents.
           Health care by observing five precepts causes well-being in four dimensions: 1) physical well being; it causes one to be healthy and have a long life; 2) mental well being; it causes one’s mind to be gentle, calm and has less defilement, less stress, without oppression, prevents mental paranoia or anxiety; 3) social well being; it improves social relationship, capacity to get along with the others due to the gentle compassion, sympathy and social creativity; 4) wisdom or soul well being; it causes understanding and knowing problems, solving problems with wisdom and realizing anything happening in daily life.

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