Learning and Teaching Management of Hindi Language in Thai Universities

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Pattama Sawangsri
Seksan Sawangsri


      This research aims were to find basic information, study problems and obstacles in managing Hindi language teaching in Thai universities by using questionnaires from 8 universities that open the teaching of Hindi in the country. The total number of samples is 81 people from random sampling and selection.

     The results were as follows: Basic information shows that universities that have Hindi teaching and learning are government regulated and government universities. The information of the executives shows that the Thai university that has Hindi language teaching and learning has a policy to update the Hindi curriculum according to the term. The most common problem in teaching and learning Hindi is the lack of instructors and students. And the lack of learning resources that support learning. The information of the instructor shows that Most Hindi teachers are Thai people rather than foreigners. The reason for choosing to teach Hindi for most teachers is the love Hindi and partly from expertise. The teaching experience of the instructor is divided into 2 levels: undergraduate and master's degree. The most qualified Hindi teachers are in reading. The top three skills that teachers need to develop are speaking skills, interpreting skills and listening skills. The main problems and obstacle in learning and teaching Hindi for instructors are the lack of support from the institution. And The information from the students shows that those who learn Hindi choose to because of interest. With everyone starting to study at the university level. Those who learn Hindi think that Hindi is most useful in studying and work. The motivation for learning Hindi is mostly from Thai teachers. Those who learn Hindi have the most needs to improve their speaking skills. The Problems in learning Hindi is media for teaching Hindi books or texts. Which is very rare and difficult to study. Students want to study immediately at a high level.


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