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Zijia Luan


       With the progress of science and technology and the constant change of social environment, people's living standards are constantly improving. For people, mobile phones are increasingly becoming indispensable electronic products, and the wide application of mobile phones has promoted social changes. The mobile phone industry is developing rapidly, among which Xiaomi mobile phone is the most prominent in the emerging Internet environment. On the basis of reading a lot of information about Xiaomi's mobile phone and other mobile devices, I analyze the marketing strategy of Xiaomi's mobile phone in European market, and analyze the marketing status and advantages of Xiaomi's mobile phone in European market, as well as the existing problems, such as difficult after-sales demand, lack of supply chain management ability, inaccurate advertising investment, limited sales channels and so on. The macro and micro environment of Xiaomi's mobile phone marketing in the European market was analyzed. By using STP strategic analysis method and SWOT analysis method, the competitive advantages and disadvantages of Xiaomi's mobile phone in the European market were expounded, and the problems in the competition were found out, so as to put forward the feasible marketing strategy suggestions of Xiaomi's mobile phone, mainly for improving after-sales service, improving the control of supply chain, choosing suitable publicity methods and expanding offline sales channels.

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Luan, Z. . (2023). RESEARCH ON MARKETING STRATEGY OF XIAOMI MOBILE PHONE IN EUROPE. Journal of Buddhist Education and Research, 9(1), 334–338. Retrieved from
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