The Writing of Composition and Essay : Similarity and Difference

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Suthas Vongkrabakthaworn
Saowakon Sukrak


The objectiveof this academic article is to present definitions and technique of Composition and Essay, the types of literary works which are similar in definitions, contents and structures. However when considering deeper in details, there are some differences for these two types of writing. That is, a composition is framed on content by topic whereas an essay focuses on “issue” of the presentation. Therefore, the principles of these two types of writing are somewhat different in details. In summary, for the  techniques of writing a composition, there are 10 steps; interpretation of topic, outlining, introduction, arrangement of series of argumentation, point elaboration, discussion, connection of current events, coherence and cohesion, reinforcement of ideas and conclusion. For the techniques of writing an  essay, there are also 10 steps; analysis of the issue, setting a background, presentation of reasons, providing examples, clear argumentation, adding information and knowledge, guiding ideas, answering questions and clear conclusion.            


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