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Banyatti Sali
Urairut Chompoo


               The Objectives of this Study are to Structure Advertising Media of Bawboonma Phạnduang. The result was found to structure advertising media of Bawboonma Phạnduang total of 50 advertise. Structure language strategies total of eight utterances the finding revealed all Eight strategies as presented in the research framework. Language of psychological, Language of language rational, Language of exaggerated advertising, Language of partially hidden, Language of sensuousness taunt, Language of create slogan, Language of foreign, Language of roduct Name. Additional six strategies found  in satirical speech acts for humor. These are rhetoric question, comparison, parody, sarcasm, directive satire, and irony. The three language structure advertising media most frequently found were products work, Language fo Esan Goods distinctive point and language of Listener humor. Addition to strategy were found to structure advertising media to certain types of speech acts.


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Sali, B., & Chompoo, U. (2020). PRESENTATION STRATEGY ADVERTISING MEDIA OF BAWBOONMA PHẠNDUANG. Journal of Buddhist Education and Research, 6(1). Retrieved from
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