Creative thinking of Buddhist learning in current situations

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พระชูศักดิ์ ถิรธมฺโม (เล้าเฮง)
Sin Ngamprakhon
Somsak Boonpoo


     Creative thinking Learning was exercised by mindfulness in current situations. It a situation that was changed very quickly. It was necessary to learn and to keep up with the current society. Otherwise, everyone will become a consumer tool that will be increase the burden of living a life. That was easily miserable and difficult. Therefore, how to make life happier in today's world according to Buddhism. The method was consciousness. It was always awareness by means of meditation.    
     Therefore, creative thinking learning was the study to understand for the way of thinking in order to calm of the mind and be happy based on the practice of meditation according to the 4 principles of consciousness, namely learning of the body, Learning of compassion, Learning of  mind and then Learning of the Dhamma with the form of practice. Practice and monitoring emotions and evaluate the learning were for the trainers to understand the principles, methods of practice correctly. In order to use the evaluation results to develop and improve their practices in the present time.


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ถิรธมฺโม (เล้าเฮง)พ., Ngamprakhon, S., & Boonpoo, S. (2020). Creative thinking of Buddhist learning in current situations. Journal of Buddhist Education and Research, 6(2), 348-357. Retrieved from
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