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Vit Akkarasantatikul


For convenience, speed and fairness in resolving criminal disputes Moreover, in order to scrutinize the case of minor offenses, it can be resolved without the need to bring the dispute into legal justice. Therefore, there are many ideas and ways to resolve disputes outside the criminal justice process. Conciliation It is a measure that allows the victims or victims of crime to participate in maintaining public order in society. This process aims to help and support the victims or victims of crime to find and express their opinions and feelings in front of the offenders, which will make the offenders understand the impact of the offenses on the victims. And accepting their own wrongdoings And willing to compensate for the wrongdoing to the injured person. The use of the criminal dispute resolution system is a supplementary measure in the legal process to help the criminal dispute resolution be fast, appropriate and fair. There are 4 important objectives or goals which are:  1) to create peace in the society 2) to reduce the amount of cases to enter the judicial process 3) to provide justice to the victims and 4) to give the opportunity to the offender to return before returning to society. In this regard, the structure of the dispute resolution consists of 1) the person who performs the duty Criminal dispute resolution 2) investigation process 3) procedure and period for dispute resolution 4) dispute resolution process.

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