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Jutamast Noohuang
Apichat Pongsupatt


   This study aimed to investigate factors that affected the capital structure of listed companies on the Stock Exchange of Thailand 100 Index (SET 100), excluding the financial business sector in accordance with the capital structure theory of Franco Modigliani and Merton H. Miller. The study used quarterly data from 2016 to 2020, competing two models which composed of model 1: Total debt to total asset ratio was a dependent variable and model 2: Total debt to total liabilities and market value of equity were two dependent variables. Five independent variables in the study were as follows: profitability, fixed asset to total asset ratio, identifiable intangible asset, firm size, and liquidity. Multiple Regression analysis was adopted for this study to test the relationships at the significant level of 0.05.

   The results showed that profitability and liquidity were negatively related to the capital structure in both models, while fixed asset to total asset ratio and firm size were positively related to the capital structure of both models. When comparing two models, it was found that an independent variable in model 2 was able to explain the dependent variable slightly more than model 1 with the R-Square value of 0.8778 and 0.8761 respectively.


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Noohuang จ. ., & Pongsupatt อ. . (2021). FACTORS AFFECTING CAPITAL STRUCTURE OF LISTED COMPANIES IN THE STOCK EXCHANGE OF THAILAND 100 INDEX (SET 100). Journal of Buddhist Education and Research, 7(3), 16–29. Retrieved from https://so06.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jber/article/view/254975
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