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      The main objective is to provide a forum for researchers in the fields of Arts, Buddhist study, Philosophy, Education, Political Science, Public Administration and interdisciplinary of Humanities and Social Sciences

Article Consideration
     Each article published will peer-reviewed by at least two experts. And get the editorial approval before publishing. The review is in the form of: The article's Doubleblind Peer Review. To comply with copyright law The author must sign the copy of the article submission form to the journal. In addition, the author must confirm that the original article submitted to it. Only one publication in the Dhammathas academic journal. If the images or tables of other authors appearing in other publications are used. The author must ask permission of the copyright owner. Include a book that has been approved by the editor before the article is published.

Publishing Schedule

Vol. 23 No. 4 (2023): October - December

Published: 2023-12-19

Phosphate Fertilizer Industry Capacity Reduction Policy in China, Based on CGE Model

Yu Qingqing, Chalermchai Panyadee , Somkid Kaewthip , Bongkochmas Ek-lem


An Analyze White Business Operations from the Perspective of Buddhist Ethics of Enterprises in Mueang District Nong Bua Lamphu Province

Wallada Ratthanasiriwarakorn, Phrakhru Bhavanabodhikun , Jaras Leeka, Phramaha Sakon Suparamethee


Integrating Buddhist Arts into the Community

Phisit Kotsupho, Boonchuay Doojai, Sirisak Apisakmontree


The So Ethnic Group: Ways of Living, Sociocultural Characteristics and Changes

Theparak Surifai, Kiattsak Bangperng , Theerapong Meethaisong


Eating in Buddhism

Phra Samu Tan Dhammasaro (Laksado) , Phramaha Mit Thitapanyo (Wanyao)


The 'Rak-Na-Khwan' Ceremony in Buddhism

Phraparad Narongsak Visutimetee (Charoenkiat) Charoenkiat, Phramaha Daosayam Wachirapanyo


Spiritual Leadership of School Administrators in the Digital Age

Khanchai Chottantitarasagul, Panithan Wannawan, Kethanok Wannawan, Piangkhae Poopayang, Pennapha Sukserm


An Analysis of Love in the Piya Sutta

Phramaha Aphisit Vuḍdhissaro (Jaroenrat), Phra Sophonphatthanapundit


Analyze Enlightenment of Phra Angulimālya Thera

Phra Suriyo Sukhito (Rungrueang) รุ่งเรือง, Phramaha Mit Thitapanyo (Wanyao)


The Integration of ITTHIPATA 4 with the New Theory Agriculture

Phramaha Nattaphon Thigkayuko (Banchon) , Phramaha Mit Thitapanyo (Wanyao)


The Development of the Quality of Life in Mangala Sutta

Phrakhru Wiriyakhunnasarn Wiriyo, Phrakhru Sudhikhambhirayan


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