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      The main objective is to provide a forum for researchers in the fields of Arts, Buddhist study, Philosophy, Education, Political Science, Public Administration and interdisciplinary of Humanities and Social Sciences

Article Consideration
     Each article published will peer-reviewed by at least two experts. And get the editorial approval before publishing. The review is in the form of: The article's Doubleblind Peer Review. To comply with copyright law The author must sign the copy of the article submission form to the journal. In addition, the author must confirm that the original article submitted to it. Only one publication in the Dhammathas academic journal. If the images or tables of other authors appearing in other publications are used. The author must ask permission of the copyright owner. Include a book that has been approved by the editor before the article is published.

Publishing Schedule

Vol. 22 No. 2 (2022): April - June

Published: 2022-06-30

Strategy Development to Promote Small and Medium Enterprises in Loei Province

Dech Wattanawittayanukul, Panruethai Putthongsri, Supawadee Sumran, Chaiyapruek Hongladdaporn


A Casual Model of Teacher’s Burnout

Kanchanee Srisopha, Manop Chunin , Pinkanok Wongpinphet


Satisfaction of Undergraduate Students towards Online Teaching, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University Khon Kaen Campus

Phramaha Daosaya Vajirapañño (Klalod), Amonrat Techanok, Phramaha Suttidon Cittapañño (Poonok), Phra Sukrit Bhaddaramedhi (Marasri)


The solution to Thai political behavior in Plato's view

Chuchat Songklang, Suwin Thongpan, Jaras Leeka, Prasit Wongsrithep


Integrating Buddhist Principles and Activities to Promote Health and disease Prevention Depression of the Elderly in Chiang Mai Province

Phramaha Boonna Thanaveero, Phramaha Chatchai Suchattajayo, Phra Athiwat Rattavanno, Pradit Kammungkun, Wandee Boonlom


Foundation of Founding, Structure, Traits, Operational System and Working role of Existing Community Councils in Thailand

สิทธิชัย ธรรมขัน, สมคิด แก้วทิพย์, เฉลิมชัย ปัญญาดี , ปรารถนา ยศสุข


Public Policy on Drug Prevention and Suppression of Thailand

Sasiwimon Kummuang, Saket Panthuan, Teeradon Kongsitrattanatrakul , Phasakorn Dokshan


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