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Asia Pacific Journal of Religions and Cultures is an interdisciplinary journal seeking an engagement between scholars working across a range of disciplinary fields, including religious studies, cultural studies, critical theory, and Interdisciplinary humanities and social sciences. Lying at the interface between the study of religion and other academic studies of culture. In particular, the journal will consider why cultural studies have hitherto neglected the significance of religious manifestations in cross-cultural perspectives, and define ways in which the discipline of religious studies needs to engage with other areas of contemporary critical and cultural.
The principal aim of the Asia Pacific Journal of Religions and Cultures is to promote critical investigation into all aspects of the study of religions, cultures, and Interdisciplinary humanities and social sciences, particularly from scholars with an innovative and multidisciplinary focus.

Frequency of Issue: Twice per year (June and December) (1st issue January-June, 2nd issue July-December).

Peer Review Policy:

All submitted manuscripts must be  reviewed by at least two experts via the double-blinded review system

Vol. 6 No. 2 (2022): Asia Pacific Journal of Religions and Cultures

The Asia Pacific Journal of Religions and Cultures (AJRC) is an interdisciplinary journal encouraging multidisciplinary working scholars in humanities, social sciences, religious studies and cultural inquiry to explore cross-cultural and religious perspectives with an innovative and transdisciplinary focus. AJRC is an open-access journal, hosted by Buddhapanya Sri Thawarawadee Buddhist College, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, biannually publishing research papers (January-June, July-December) and special issues, both via a double-blind peer review process.

We are pleased to present Vol.6.2 of the AJRC, the second issue of the 2022. This volume consists of eleven articles covering a wide range of topics in the areas of education, music, healthcare, marketing, and management. We continue to welcome contributions of multidisciplinary nature, that can help to improve aspects of understanding, competencies, and applications to manage operations, innovation, and creativity, of any nature, at any level – individual, team, group, organizational, societal, national, ecosystemic or at the global level.  


All submitted papers must be original and not submitted or published elsewhere. Submitted papers will undergo originality assessment. Manuscripts will pass through an initial editorial screening and are sent for double-blind review to anonymous independent referees. Apart from research articles, we also accept quality book reviews. All accepted articles, after appropriate revisions, will be published online on our Journal’s website, and are downloadable free of charge. We recommend that potential authors review our publishing policies, manuscript requirements, and formats, before submitting their manuscripts to the Journal.

Published: 2022-12-06

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